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Welcome July 2012 Team!

It was good to gather together to begin preparing our hearts and minds for the upcoming trip to Honduras.  The Lord is surely preparing many good things for us to do in His name.  How wonderful to serve among so many faithful in Christ! 

We covered many things in the meeting.  Derinda has asked that if she needs to follow up with anyone, or if you passed on some info to her at that meeting, to please email it to her to ensure that it makes it to her to do list!  Thanks Derinda for arranging the immunizations.

This blog will be available to make posts while we travel.  We hope to have the team as well as all of our supporters subscribe to the blog so that we can keep everyone up to date on the preparations and the trip.  Hopefully, this will be a great venue to post photos, videos, stories, and testimonies and allow our friends and families and church members to follow along as we bring the love of Christ to Honduras in 2012.