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Day 1 LaCeiba @ Pastor Mario’s Church

Thursday:  Oh what a first day! I am amazed at the work of the Lord in bringing this team together! Our team of 25 from the US plus our wonderful Honduran counterparts (translators, drivers, pastor, helpers) all came together and in His strength completed so much on our first day.  Following morning devotions, we set out for Pastor Mario’s church where we set up the clinic and saw 134 patients from 8-3pm.  18 people came to Christ during the witnessing times and every bible we brought that day went home with a new believer!  We ended the evening with a ladies worship service at Pastor Mario’s church.  The spirit of  God was present in that place !   About 50 were in attendance as we shared the Gospel of John with the ladies.  We continued to worship through song and prayer, all in the midst of quite a rainstorm!  After lengthy meal, we all returned to the hotel exhausted, but exhilarated by the Lord’s work in our midst!

Food for thought!


This year, we returned to a city dump in La Ceiba, Honduras.  I was so delighted to see some of the same children there.  What a difference a year makes!!!  Last year, some of you probably remember me saying that the most well child I saw had pneumonia.  This year, the children were so much more playful.  Boy have they grown.  I didn’t see the severity of medical problems this year, just ear infections and skin infections.  It was a delight to be able to play with these children.  The nutrition made all the difference in the world to the health of these kiddos.  I believe that a lot of people think they have to get on a plane or somehow have a “noble” talent in order to give and make a difference.  Honestly, I believe that the church members at Ebenezer who donated to Stop Hunger Now for the soup kitchen today made more of a difference to the health of this village from the pews of their church in America than I did by flying to Honduras as a doctor.

Dr. Katie Jarvis

18 Hours and Counting

The excitement is building as the time draws near.  Even though I have made this physical journey several times, it is always new.  I can’t wait for the opportunities that the Lord will give me to show His love.  He always challenges me on these trips and I look forward to the growth that these challenges bring.  You can feel the (not sure how to name it) in your heart and mind as God is working ahead of us. Each trip He amazes me as to the precise timing of certain events that put certain people together for His good.

Can’t wait to start the adventure! OPrivette

Answering the call!

The time has finally come for the July 2012 Honduras Mission Team to embark on a great adventure to do the Lord’s work and bring the love of Christ and the good news of the gospel to the far corners of the earth.  What a joy it will be to serve alongside of each of you as we minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Honduras.  Pray with me today that our paths will be made straight and all the logistics will be ordered perfectly as we travel and carry out our tasks.  Pray too for the people that we will meet and serve that their hearts and minds will open to learn of the wonderful love that Christ has for them, and that the seeds that are planted in the coming days will take root and bear good fruit!

Please keep a journal and take pictures and video at your various ministry sites.  I will be asking each of you to post some pictures and a short paragraph at least once during the trip so that your friends and families can follow along throughout the trip.  Please share this site with them and ask them to check regularly and pray over the team and the people we are serving in Honduras.

For those following us from outside of Honbduras, we thank you for your support of the mission and we covet your prayers!  Check in often! LChaney




Welcome July 2012 Team!

It was good to gather together to begin preparing our hearts and minds for the upcoming trip to Honduras.  The Lord is surely preparing many good things for us to do in His name.  How wonderful to serve among so many faithful in Christ! 

We covered many things in the meeting.  Derinda has asked that if she needs to follow up with anyone, or if you passed on some info to her at that meeting, to please email it to her to ensure that it makes it to her to do list!  Thanks Derinda for arranging the immunizations.

This blog will be available to make posts while we travel.  We hope to have the team as well as all of our supporters subscribe to the blog so that we can keep everyone up to date on the preparations and the trip.  Hopefully, this will be a great venue to post photos, videos, stories, and testimonies and allow our friends and families and church members to follow along as we bring the love of Christ to Honduras in 2012.